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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How to Make Changes To PDF on Your Smartphone

The latest technology advancements have made the smartphones even smarter and more reliable tool that can help us accomplish our daily tasks more efficiently. Whether you are at the meeting or going out for lunch, when an immediate request to edit and send a report hits your inbox, you can feel at peace because you have your smartphone with you all the time.

[caption id="attachment_1063" align="aligncenter" width="300"]how to make changes to pdf on your smartphone how to make changes to pdf on your smartphone[/caption]

Nowadays, majority of the files are in PDF format as the most reliable digital document. You can’t submit any legal or formal document in Word because they tend to change their structure in different versions of MS Word. If you do send Word reports, you will look unprofessional in your clients and employer eyes. Instead, PDFs are used as the most formal document type for professional use.

Maybe a majority of you already know that PDF documents have a certain downside. They can be hardly edited without some third-party tools and services. Most of them are best used on a desktop computer. However, today nobody has time to work only from the office, you need to have versatile tools at your disposal that can help you get things done on the go.

Luckily, there is a solution to make changes to PDF on your smartphone, when out of office. Next time you are in tight spot, you can use PDF to Word Converter, on both iOS and Android devices, to convert PDF into Word document. Once you have converted document, you can then make necessary changes to document, save it as PDF and send back an edited file. Apart from this main functionality, take a look what else this app has to offer.

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  • Unlimited free conversions

There is no limitation on free conversions with PDF to Word Converter. There are no limitations on the size of PDFs, as well. This free option is great, but you will only need to wait for the conversion a little longer. If in hurry, there is an option to upgrade to fast conversions with one-time in-app purchase.

  • Great PDF to Word Conversion

Great conversion quality is something you can expect using this app. With OCR technology it can convert even the scanned documents and tables. Sometimes, it might have some problems with documents that has logo, but overall we can say that it works with 95% accuracy.

  • Cloud Support

You can connect to Google Drive, iCloud, Onedrive, Dropbox, and Box services to convert available PDFs with just one tap. This is the option that I use most of the time and you should also consider it. Just open PDF to Word Converter and choose the file for conversion wherever you are.

  • Easy to use

User-friendly interface allows even non-tech savvy and older people to get through the process of conversion. Follow these 3 easy steps to convert any PDF file:

  • Select the file for conversion

As mentioned you can convert any file from cloud services or from the device storage.

step 1

  • Wait for the conversion to complete

The files are converted on Cometdocs servers and when the file is converted you will receive a notification about the completed conversion.

step 2

  • Edit the file further

You will receive your file converted in Word document, but it can’t be opened using the PDF to Word Converter app. Recommended app for further editing is MS Word because it is one of the best apps for modifying text files.
Now that you have learned about the mobile solution to make changes to a PDF, it becomes really hard not to use it. As with all converters, you need to make some small adjustments to the file, but still it’s a great app that will help you in every situation when you need to make some immediate changes to a PDF document.

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