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Thursday, February 15, 2018

5 Foosball Apps for Android

Yes, a foosball table is still popular and now we can play it on our mobile phones without spending a lot of money on foosball tables and equipment. This type of game is awesome if you want to relax and spent the time to rest your mind. The reason for that is that you don't need a lot of knowledge and most games are very simple made. Pick your team and start winning some foosball.


  • Foosball Cup World by Ludus Studio


Foosball Cup World

Ludus Studio really knows how to create great apps for playing foosball because this game is the best foosball app on the market at the moment. When you enter Google Play and check description and pictures you will see that this game is awesome. Ludus Studio didn't make just great graphics and design in this game. You can use a lot of different modes and awards playing this foosball table game. There are several playing mods: league, tournament, and challenge. Also, in this game, you have available 51 different national teams to pick from.  Because graphics, design, gameplay, mods and other features this games is currently best game for playing foosball on your mobile.


  • Foosball Cup by Ludus Studio

Foosball Cup

It may sound funny but in the second place is again Ludus Studio but with their first foosball game. This game was the base for Foosball Cup World and they improved everything they could in this game. Here you can choose between two layouts: 1 and 3 man goalie. Also, you can choose foosball table size and mode of playing. In this version of Ludus foosball games, you can only 25 available teams which makes the first one better.


  • Foosball by White Collar Games

Foosball WCG

On first look, this game seems very poor because of simple design and graphic but it seems extremely real. By playing this game you can feel real foosball gameplay because the game has a great response to your command. Most important mod in this game is the ability to play foosball with your friends. Some people are disappointed because this game doesn't have any challenge or cup mode. It is possible to choose how long your match lasts and how much goals you need to win. To get a better experience playing this game you can use slow motion and super ball which are special moves.

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  • Foosball by NAVU App

Foosball NAVU

This game is very simple and limited with features and options. You can play only with 2 teams. Teams are separated by colors (red and blue) and everything in the game is in this two colors. But you can choose from two different modes - championship and scrimmage. Big lack is how you control your rods. It happens with arrows so it is possible that you will spend a lot of time adjusting.


  • Foosball 3D by Azanf

Foosball 3D

This is game shows how foosball table games should not look like. This game has low quality in graphic, design, and modes. You can choose only if you want to play 1 player mode or 2 player mode and in settings, you can change the layout of players. Playing this game is not bad because the game has a good great reaction on your command but that is pretty much it.

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  1. They are all good, but which is the best?

  2. Seyi Gabriel AdeniyiFebruary 25, 2018 at 7:33 PM

    As you can see Sandra...... All foosball apps above are well stated with detailed informations

    Let me know if you have other question