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Saturday, December 2, 2017

4 common reasons for Google Adsense Rejection and their Solutions

Why is it so very hard to get Google Adsense approval i.e. Google AdSense Rejection?

Why do you keep getting rejected while others get accepted, approved and grow their earnings?

Do we say Google is partial in their choice of sites they approve for Adsense? i.e. Google AdSense Rejection

Without mincing words, I vehemently say NO. Google is unbiased in their choice of sites that should be approved for Adsense. What Really Prompt Google AdSense Rejection is that they have only implemented strict policies which many blogs and sites fail to follow thus attributing for the frequent and rampant disapprovals many bloggers face. This implementations are channelled at ensuring the best experience in the usage of Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Rejection

In this article, I would be discussing four of the most common reasons for the incessant rejections bloggers face in getting approved by Adsense whilst also proffering solutions to each reason discussed. So, grab a cup of any drink that gets you relaxed as you are about to understand one or two gimmicks concerning Google Adsense.

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

Google Adsense is unrivalled as one of the best paying online advertising networks in the world today. It two way operation is just so superb with its advertising platform - Adword and it's publishing platform - Adsense.

For many bloggers, Google Adsense is and has become their only resort on the issue of generating income from their blogs. Even non-bloggers believe that by getting Google Adsense on a blog it is a signal to the end of low earnings.

Sadly and quite unfortunately is the very stringent process in getting approved and connected. To the rescue, Here are four common reasons for Google Adsense rejection and their solutions.

1. Insufficient/Unacceptable Content.

As a blogger you must have used, heard or come across this phrase - "content is king". Unapologetically I'd like to say content is no longer king, Content is Supreme.

You need to know that when you apply for GOogle Adsense, Humans and not bots review your site. It may be possible to manipulate bots, Infact it is quite possible to manipulate Google's AI but it is certainly outrageous to think you can manipulate a human being talk more of Google reviewers.

If the content on your site are found to be:-
a. Irrelevant
b. Poorly Written
c. Full of grammatical errors
d. Plagiarized

Your site would be rejected immediately.
Google attaches so much attention and importance to the value base of the contents on a blog. If your blog contents does not have enough text or contains unacceptable contents, Google reviewers would not approve it.

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Create high-quality contents. Do well to ensure your blog's content has got the following characteristics:
- Uniqueness
- Originality
- Proper headings and bullet lists
- Grammatical error free
- Spelling mistakes free
- Enough text content
- Relevant, Useful and Informative.

2. Poorly Designed Site

The design of a site is also a factor in getting rejected by Google. Blogs which are poorly designed are flagged red and never approved.

From plugins to javascripts to Cascading Style Sheet(CSS) to POp-ups to redirection to the a site's navigation, everything that can be seen on a site which provides a bad UX would get your application rejected.

- Do away with irrelevant plugins and javascripts
- Cut down on the redirections
- keep the pop-ups away. It is so not cool for mobile users.
- Make your site navigation simple and easy by providing quick links to your homepage and sitemap.

3. No Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us Pages

You must include a privacy policy, an about us and a contact us page. These three pages are a must and should be found on every blog even without the intent of applying for Google Adsense.

You would be going against Google's policies if you do not create this pages. Creating these pages not only follows Google's policies, it also gives them (Google) and your users the impression that you are a professional and your blog can be trusted.

Do not just create these pages, make them easily accessible for your users.


- Do the needful. Create a Privacy Policy, an About Us, and a Contact Us page.

4. Site Not Complying With Adsense Terms and Polices

There are certain laid down criterias, rules and policies every blog that wants to publish Google Ads must follow and abide by.
In summary, Google Adsense policy is based on sites possessing rich, unique, and meaningful contents, a large influx of organic traffic, pages with original contents, good UX, clear site navigation, and organization.

If your site doesn't comply with the aforementioned, then there is no magical influence that would make you get approved.


- Write high-quality content. (Refer to the solution I proffered under the 1st reason of insufficient content/unacceptable contents)
- Work on your site's design, navigation and organization. Provide a good UX, make it easy for users to understand.
- Optimize your contents for search engines to get more organic traffic.

Quick Reminder: Humans review your site for Adsense approval and not bots. Therefore channel your attention at convincing people, not artificial intelligence.

I do hope that by following and obeying the solutions in a bid to avoiding these common Adsense rejection reasons you would be able to get connected to Google's Adsense. Happy Blogging!

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