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Monday, October 23, 2017

Why You Need Blogging and Video Blogging

If you haven’t heard of blogging you probably might not be in this planet. (You might be coming from galaxy x). Just kidding. You might have heard of successful bloggers and video bloggers like Linda Ikeji and Makinde Aziz and you have got it in your mind “Oh I want to be a successful blogger”. Blogging isn’t like other ways to make money as a teenager. It takes a little time for the bucks to roll in, but in the long run, you will never regret starting.

Steps To Follow When starting a blog

Firstly check for a niche. Find a topic that interests you and where you’ve got little or broad knowledge, as this will make you have the zeal to write as a newbie and you can write from experience as well.
Since you are new to blogging, it’s advisable you go for free hosts, like Blogger, WordPress. For me I choose Blogger for you. Just create a blog on blogger with your keyword related domain name, upload a simple template, and boom, you are good to kick the road. Start writing immediately.

Ways to make money from your blog

Although it will normally have to take some time before your blog gets exposed. But before then, do what’s right and soon, you will notice an increment in your blog activities and even in your traffic. Now you can start monetizing your blog and make money.
Chill it’s no cause for alarm. It’s simple. Apply for approval in advertisement copanies like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Content Ad, RevContent, and a whole lot of them. Sell products to your blog readers, it could be your personal product or you can as well affiliate with some companies.
If you love it to be visual and you think you are good at video editing, you can consider video blogging. This line is crowded already, but you can still make huge income here if you work smart. For now we only know Youtube to be the world most visited video site. Creating a channel and uploading contents here is one sure way to make money, but since the competition is high now, it will take some time to break through.
For video blogging, focus more on increasing your subscribers and the result will be massive before you know.

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