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Monday, October 16, 2017

How to Watch Multiple Videos at once on Android Smartphones

Welcome back dear reader, Today we are taking a look on How to Watch Multiple Videos at once on Android Smartphones, am going to keep this post handy I.e. won't waist your precious time, don't forget to share this with a friend he/she will really love to take part in this amazing tech.
Multiple video at once
Watching video is another approach to mess around with your Android Smartphone particularly long films, it relies upon your decision however you should at any rate watch recordings either from web-based social networking or from your media player. 
Google has discharged another component on Android 7 Nougat that permits you split your screen to perform simple multitasking and they  likewise permit you to view only just two recordings but with this instructional guide, you will have the capacity to watch multiple recordings in the same time on your Android. 

We are making utilization of an application called "Multiple Videos at the Same Time". This application will permit you play out the errand effectively with no hindrance. 
Where to download the application? 

You can download the "Multiple Videos at the Same Time" application on playstore by clicking here. Open the application, and it will splits your telephone screen into four portions, tap the (+) addition sign to add recordings to the four fragments and the X sign to expel recordings.

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