How To Make Music Reviews

When it comes to music, not all of us have broad knowledge, so this wouldn’t be for every person. But if you feel you have good music background knowledge, you can make some cool bucks from music review as a teenager.
For music lovers like I am, this for sure won’t be a difficult task as all you have to do is, sit back with your boom headset, dedicate some of your time to listening to the music, give your thoughts, and make a review. This sounds like fun right?
Of course it is.
There are a whole lot of sites where you can review music and get paid as a teenager. These kind of sites are in search of young people who are willing to share their thoughts on new music. Here I’ve got Music Xray which is one of the most popular I know as at now. It is an awesome opportunity for teenagers who are music lovers and you get paid up to $0.10 per track you listen to. It is user friendly and one can also register with their Facebook account and specify which type of music you are interested in. For me hip hop is the deal J. Give this a trial today.

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Fan Match?

Payment method is paypal. And if you’ve got about $20 you can get paid.For those of you who have passion for writing or have enough time to write then I think Slice the Pie will be better for you as you will earn more money $$$$. Calm down, you aren’t going to work your ass off, it’s something similar to Music Xray, differences is, you will have to give more details in your review.


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