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Saturday, October 7, 2017

How To Make Blank Status Update On Facebook

Welcome Back fans, today I bring forth an update on how to make blank status update on your Facebook Account, many of you have being worrying me on how I update my status without a single text. Below is the simple tech am giving it out to you for free.
As you know Some Facebook user normally update their timeline about what is happening or trending in there area. They normally like to attract people with their updated status on Facebook. Just imagine how others feel when you update a blank Facebook status. They seem to be amazed and confused about how you updated an empty status.

How To Make Blank Status Update On Facebook
This tech is going to be explained step by step and I believe you will easily get to know it in a short while. 
Empty Facebook Status
  • Login to your facebook account as usual and click on status update (what's on your mind)
  • Now input @[0:0: ] in the status update box, then tap on the post button.

With the above tech, Your empty status update will be posted successfully.
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