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Format Virus Infected USB / Pen drive Using Command Prompt


Formatting Pendrive by usual method (Right click –> Format) doesn’t remove some harmful virus. By following the below steps you can remove all the harmful virus in your USB drive without any antivirus software.
  1. Insert your Pendrive to be formatted into USB port.
  2. Open MyComputer and check for the USB drive letter followed by colon(:) and note down in your mind.
  3. Open Command prompt through RUN command (Window key + R) then type cmd in RUN command and press OK. ***Command Prompt window will be open
  4. In that type Format G: Eg: C:usersdinesh>format g:
  5. Now Command prompt verifies your system and ask you to press Enter. Then Formatting your Pendrive starts. (It takes some minutes)
  6. It asks you to enter volume label If none press Enter.
Yeah! You have removed virus from your Pendrive.
Note: You can also format any of your disk (like C: , D: , E: , ).
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