Reason Behind Google’s Aim To Acquire HTC Phone Business

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Google need to purchase HTC cell phone business. Actually, talks amongst HTC and Google are said to be in the “last phase of arrangement” and an official choice could be made soon. 
In spite of the fact that this agreement between the two parties is entirely informal and there is no particular sum said yet for the conceivable securing of HTC’s cell phone business (leaving the Vive VR business). 
Google is one of the greatest organizations on the planet and it’s a major danger to different organizations at whatever point they make their advantage referred to them about acquisitions as they have the required fortitude. 
Yet, what is really the principle explanation for Google’s expectations to obtain HTC cell phone business? All things considered, the news is made conceivable for two reasons

Google needs an equipment producing arm for its Pixel cell phones and HTC has recently endured its most exceedingly terrible monetary month in 13 years – August 2017 saw a year over year decrease in income of 54% and a 51% decay over the earlier month. 

Talk has it that Google got LG to make the Pixel XL 2, which would additionally diminish HTC’s benefits (HTC made the original Pixel telephones). 

Do you think google is settling on a decent choice? All things considered, the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually.
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