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Friday, September 22, 2017

How To Unlock Any Password Protected Nokia Phone

Good day Mastergblog Fans and Happy weekend, this post is basically on tips for Unlocking Any Locked Nokia Phone without knowing its password or the password is forgotten in the other way round. This tech will be straight forward and clear to understand.


Tools Needed for this Tech includes:
  • Nemesis Service Suite(NSS) 
  • Nokia PC Suite. 
  • Data cable. 
On getting this tools then follow under listed steps to Unlock your Nokia Phone
Step 1. Install Nokia PC Suite Software
Step 2. Install Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) Software
Step 3. Connect your phone to your PC with data cable. If there is a prompt on the phone screen select default mode or PC Suite mode (DON’T OPEN PC SUITE APP Yet

Step 4. Open Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) App
Step 5. Select scan for new devices button (on top right corner of NSS
Step 6. Select Phone Info button
Step 7. Click Scan button
Step 8. Switch to Permanent Memory tab
Step 9. Select Read button

(It will read the permanent memory file and save it on the disk at following path.

C:Program Files/NSS/
Step 10. Locate and Open the .pm file using Notepad. 
Step 11. Now scroll until you get to field [308], and on the 5th Record (5=), there you see your security code. For instance:
Like 5= 3 1 3 2 3 3 3 4 3 5

Notice: Overlook the red fonts, and Viola, 12345 is your security code. 

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