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Saturday, September 2, 2017

How To Fix Blog Showing Only One Post On Homepage

Is it accurate to say that you are one of those bloggers feeling pained by the auto pagination occurring on blogger?

You joyfully set the No. of posts that blogger should appear on your Homepage to X number suspecting that blogger will show X number of posts on Homepage. In any case, you saw that rather than X No. of posts, blogger is indicating either 1 or 2 posts or some other lesser number Y.

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You should be asking why this has happened and Googled to discover an answer and came to here.

You may not know that regardless of the possibility that you set the no. of posts to be appeared as X, blogger might need to showcase just 2-3 posts or might be even 1 post. In the sense that your posts are long and may require use of huge number of resources of Google Servers than what a normal blog ought to be doing. Well, keep reading.

Let me rapidly get to the answer for this that I could discover. When you are composing a post in the blogger post author you will see an option called "Insert Jump Break". Check screenshot for more understanding

This is really intended to guarantee that not all the post content will be appeared on the Homepage. This is on the off chance that in the event that you need to show little bits of 7-8 or more posts on homepage with each article showing a "Read More" link at the bottom. Like what is seen on my homepage.

7 posts are appeared however not the total post content is seen. Regardless of the possibility that your blogger format is modified to consequently show snippets, you should use the "Insert Jump Break" to ensure that the number of posts you've entered on your dashboard settings appear on the homepage.

I can't in fact clarify how this functions with the blogger rationale of auto-pagination works. However, this tech helped me. When I finished including "Insert Jump Break" inside 20-30 posts, the issue was settled. Presently I've set the number to be shown on the homepage to 7 and you'll see that there are 7 posts appearing on the homepage.

So Try out this tech and leave a remark if this works.


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