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How to Add Guest Mode on Android Devices

Today, I don’t have much to present to you all MasterGBlog Fans but this cool and amazing way of securing your android device by enabling guest mode using Switchme. The tech is going to be handy and short detailed.

Step 1. First of all, you need to acquire a root access on your Android device.

(you can comment your phone model to know how to get root access)

After rooting download and install this android app Switchme on your Android device.

Step 2. Launch the app after installing, then grant it superuser access. There you need to create a primary profile first then the other profile according to your wish.

see screenshot below

Step 3. In all other secondary profiles, you can set the limited apps that you want guests to have access

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see screenshot below



Note: you can quickly switch between these accounts.
Get back to Drop your experience on this cool feature on Adding Guest Mode on your Android Device


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  • Hi Seyi,

    Good thing you shared this!

    It means one will not have to rely on patterns, pins, and passwords to lock their device, since a guest mode has been enabled on their Android.

    That being so, you made mention of an app that requires root access, does it mean my device must be rooted first?

    Secondly, when Is this guest mode enabled? When the phone is turned on as is the case on Computers?

    Thanks for the share by the way, because every one needs some level of privacy especially when it comes to their smartphone. Now, these steps were pretty easy to go by.

    Between, my phone is Tecno L8, how do i get root access in order to use SwitchMe?

  • Thanks seyi for dis wonderful post you just dropped, its indeed helpful.

    But my problem is dat, is rooting not harmful to ur device?

    I also remember vividly that rooting your device can also loose ur warranty on the device

    • Seyi Gabriel Adeniyi

      Thanks @gistfans

      Rooting isn’t in anyway harmful to one’s device,

      but rooting voids the device warranty although there’s a means of unrooting your devices …

  • Hi Seyi,

    Good thing you shared this!

    It means one will not have to rely on patterns, pins, and passwords to lock their device, since a guest mode has been enabled on their Android.

    But I am scared of rooting my phone.. Hope it won’t affect

    • Seyi Gabriel Adeniyi

      There’s nothing to be scared of……

      Its just that it voids your device warranty and you can always unroot your device if needs be.

  • Heyyyyy!!!
    This is a great content you’ve made here. I’ve always thought of setting a guest account for those accessing my phone when am away.

    It can also help if your phone is missing and someone tries to contact you when its lock.

    But you are talking about rooting… Won’t that destroy the phone?

  • Waoo! You just passed out a great eye opening idea here. I think this will serve as an advance method of locking your phone instead of making use of patterns or password. It will also help in keeping away strangers from your phone for people like me who like privacy.

    Kudos to the poster!

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