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If you are one of those that usually visit LovingYou.com  for LovingYou.com quotes, love letters, poems, ecards etc you will notice lately, that the home page and also the domain name has changed to that of a fashion page. Nevertheless, I am still able to access the LovingYou.com love letters etc right from the site.

If you want to access the LovingYou.com Love Letters, go to: http://archive.lovingyou.com/content/inspiration/loveletters.php
If you want to access the LovingYou.com Love Quotes, go to : http://archive.lovingyou.com/content/inspiration/lovequotes.php
If you want to access LovingYou.com Long Distance Love Messages and Poems, go to: http://archive.lovingyou.com/content/love/longdistance.php
From the links above, you should be able to access other favorite pages you love visiting on LovingYou.com
I don’t really know why the change in the LovingYou.com home page but am less concerned because a website owner has the right to do whatever he/she likes with his/her site. I just hope the website owner will not totally remove the love letters, etc from the archives. 
I hope this helps…

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