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Thursday, August 10, 2017

How To Register A Free Domain Name

You're hoping to setup a domain name for your business or web site and are thinking about whether you can get the domain name for free.

Let's examine the alternatives, advantages and hindrances

Would it be a good idea for me to Setup My Domain name With An Organization That Offers It To Me For free? 

When you enroll for a domain name you generally need to ensure that the domain is enlisted under your name. 

This is critical, as the legitimate proprietor of the domain name is whoever shows up as the registrant in the domain WHOIS registry for a particular domain name. 

Free domain names are not generally what they appear and it is vital that you see completely who claims the domain name and who controls it. 

Be that as it may, there are special cases. For example, when you purchase web hosting with Pickaweb and you order for a year package they will give you a free domain name. 

The domain name is constantly enlisted under the name of the customer straightforwardly with the registry eg: ICANN or Nominet. You can simply get to it to oversee it and roll out any important improvements. You are in entire control 100% of your domain name. 

Are Free Subdomains alright To Use For My Site? 

Some web designer suppliers won't offer you a free domain name, rather they will offer you a free subdomain. 

A subdomain is fundamentally an organizer before a current domain name. For example 

We would not prescribe these sorts of free domains for your fundamental site as it is not SEO friendly. 

You ought to get your own domain name eg:

The upside of having your own domain is that you can change switch hosting providers on the off chance that you have to effortlessly. 

Are There Dangers In Enlisting A Domain For Free? 

A domain name is a bit of web land. Domains are cheap to setup yet can get costly in the event that you attempt to purchase a domain name that is now obtained by another person. 

You need to ensure that when you purchase a domain name it is done under your name. 

Additionally you should ensure it is enlisted with a legitimate organization who has enrolled domain names for a long time. 

Pickaweb has been enrolling domain names for more than 16 years. You can purchase your site domain in only a couple of minutes. 


A domain name is an important asset and a vital choice to take. 

Free domain names are just free if
a) they are completely enrolled in your name with your email address and 
b) you have full control over it. 

Ensure your domain name is enrolled on your name and you have full access to it on the off chance that you need to roll out any improvements to it like changing contact details, name servers et cetera. 

I trust you discovered this article valuable on the most proficient method to register a domain name for free.

Article Source via : Pickaweb

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