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How To Register A Free Domain Name With Freenom

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You’re hoping to setup a domain name for your business or web site and are thinking about whether you can get the domain name for free? Yes! Its possible

Getting a free domain name for your site is very important, the default host domain name may be too long, easy to forget and can also affect your SEO status. Especially when sharing your site on social medias like twitter, facebook, instagram, whatsapp and many more on your mobile devices. But when you get a domain name, it will be easier for people to recall your site address.

On Freenom, you are allowed to create either .tk, .ml, .ga or .cf domain extensions

Follow below Steps to Register a free domain name on Freenom

  1. Go to
  2. Check if your desired domain name is free and available.
  3. If its Confirmed that your domain name is free and available, the registration form will be shown. Fill the form carefully and if you have any problem don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting here on this post
  4. Submit your registration
  5. Log into your freenom account, with email and password provided when registering
  6. Click on the DOMAIN’S PANEL. You will find it on top.
  7. At this point you will see the domain name that you registered. Now click on MANAGE DOMAIN.
  8. Now you will see 4 Menus on the tab located at the top i.e. INFORMATION, UPGRAGE, MANAGEMENT TOOLS, MANAGE FREENOM DNS. Select “Management Tools” then Click on “Nameservers” and mark Use custom nameservers box
  9. Fill the DNS servers provided by your host e.g,
  10. Now save this settings.
Go back and Login into your hosting provider server in other to park the new domain you just created.
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