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Saturday, August 26, 2017

How to Easily Embed YouTube Videos in Blogger Blog Posts

We are saying picture adds existence to content, however you don’t realize films often adds new life to you weblog posts. there may be a huge list of things that can be defined in a simply 2 minutes video than a 2000 phrases blog publish. despite the fact that including youtube movies in blogger web page is extremely truthful, however for a few novices it might be difficult to discover ways to recognize a way to embed youtube motion pictures of their weblog posts. in this article, we will share how to without difficulty embed youtube motion pictures in blogger blog posts.

There are several ways of including youtube videos in blogger, however we can try to discuss all feasible ways so you can decide which one fits you the maximum.

Method #1: add youtube motion pictures the use of embed Code

One of the most used technique to feature youtube motion pictures on your weblog posts is through the usage of embed code.

  • First of all, go to and open any video which you would really like to embed.
Now, click the share icon.

  1. Because we need the embedded code of the video, click on “Embed” from the menu then copy the code provided inside the box
  1. After copying the YouTube video embed code generated, now head up to your Blog Dashboard Blogger >> New Post >> Select HTML tab >> paste the embed code You've copied earlier in the HTML Editor.
  2. You may exchange the width and height value with yours based on your desires. once you are happy together with your video, press the PUBLISH button.

    Approach #2: upload youtube films the use of percentage button

    Youtube allows you to at once share their motion pictures for your blogger blogs thru their “share to blogger” function that is supplied to each video that is uploaded on blogger.
    To without delay share youtube motion pictures to your blogger website, go to and open up any video that you like.
    Now, click on on the share icon.

  3. Then, You will see many social networking sites that you can choose to share the video to. Since you want to share this video to your Blogger site, click on “Blogger icon” as you can see in the screenshot below:
  4. There will be a pop-up after clicking on Blogger Icon. From the list of your blogs, select which blog you want to share this video and press the “Publish post” button.

Technique #3: upload youtube movies the usage of “insert a video” option in blogger:

   In All method this is the easiest way to feature youtube motion pictures in blogger is to apply the integrated “insert a video” feature that is furnished in blogger post editor.

   Visit blogger >> New Post then click on the “insert a video” icon located at the top.

  1. Since we are adding a video from YouTube, click “From YouTube” from the list of menu options that can be use to insert videos into blog posts.
  2. Inside the search container, kindly identify a video or look for any video by entering the video title. once found, click on the video thumbnail and press the “select” button to feature it to your blog post.

  3. Once you’ve added the video, press Publish button.

    We hope this tutorial has helped you in learning several ways of including youtube videos in blogger posts. 


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