Expectations From Future Smartphones

Come to talk of it. This really comes to my mind this days on how the future smartphones will look like with awesome specifications!
Reason because things are going fast in the computer and technology world nowadays, almost every year we are provided with better products at affordable prices from different brands.

Consistent with modern trends, future smartphones will have ultra speeds than nowadays laptops. The storage potential isn’t a hassle anymore, on the grounds that they’ve controlled to match 1 TB of indormation on a single usb stick. In few years, most flagship smartphones may have over 256GB of storage space and as a minimum 4GB of Ram. With these types of specifications, you’ll accept as true with that there is no need for computer systems anymore. actual!

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I agree with that during few years, we can use our smartphones rather than laptops. you may ask how is that possible on account that we still want huge show, keyboards and a mouse to carry out our obligations quick. well, one answer will be to have most of these peripherals at our running region or in our houses and to pair our smartphones with them at want. So, the future phone could work as nowadays laptop, sending and receiving statistics from displays, keyboards and mouse. The present day clever TVs already have the pairing options that allows us to control it using our telephone. there’s one single step from this point to my future prediction. 

Do you believe that my prediction is possible?

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