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4 easier steps to hide files and folders on computer with command prompt (CMD)

Good day, here is the tech on how to hide your files and folders on the computer such that window explorer search won’t detect it…….

Firstly — locate the file or folder you want to Hide

Secondly — Copy the address at the top

Thirdly — Now press the WINDOW key and search ‘command‘ it will bring results right click the first result and select run as administrator

Fourthly — When the command prompt window opens then input attrib +s +h “ADDRESS” replace ADDRESS with what you copied in second step above i.e your file or folder address.

Then Press the Enter Key

By following above steps you will hide your files and folders on your PC easily without spending a dime for buying hiding softwares……..

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Thanks for reading please share this tech with your friends and enemies it might be of help to them………

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