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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Common Microsoft Windows Problems With Ways Of Fixing Them

Common Errors/Problems in All Microsoft windows:


• Lack of space in the drive:  Every Microsoft window needs a specific space when someone is installing a window on his/her Personal Computer. For instance. Window 10 needs around 16 GB space. If one has less space in its drive, He/she has to face Operating system problems.

•  The Capability of running window:  Personal Computers should be able to run its window. Every window needs some basic requirements like in case of windows 10 – a processor of 1 GHZ, 1 GB RAM and 16 GB free space. In case of nonavailability of these, then there may be some problems with the installation of the Window.

•  Windows update is not working: If one is having problem in updating his/her Microsoft windows, i.e. You will not be able to update your windows to the latest version.

•  Backward compatibility issues: Every latest version of Microsoft Windows comes with a problem of backward compatibility issues.

 Data security problems: Data security becomes a major issue in the Microsoft windows one might be feeling the fear of hacking of his/her important data.

•  Printer compatibility:  It can be a problem for various users that their printer is not compatible for the latest version of their Microsoft Windows.

Steps To Solve Microsoft Windows Problems:

There are some simple steps that should be followed while fixing Microsoft Windows errors:

• While installing Microsoft windows, one needs to check how much space is left in the system drive.
One can simply right click and select Properties for a clearer overview. In case there is a low space left in the system drive you need to clear the space by deleting extra data.

 •  One should purchase the legitimate copy of the Microsoft Window Software. A legitimate copy helps to run the functions smoothly.

• In case of backward compatibility problems, like updating problems in any browser, one needs to delete the Browser, then reinstall it according to the latest version of Microsoft Windows.

•  In case of saving your Personal Computer from hacking, one needs to disable Wi-Fi sense, which automatically shares the Wi-Fi password with the same account of all MicroSoft windows.
To disable this function,  firstly go to the Start Menu, click on Settings after that click on Network & Internet, click on Wi-Fi, and finally to Manage Wi-Fi Settings - just turn off all the options you see there.

• To make one’s printer compatible for the MicroSoft windows you just need to search the name of your printer on Google and download the latest version for compatible drivers.

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