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How to Unlock/Hack password-protected BlackBerry Device In Just 1 Minute

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How to Hack password-protected BlackBerry Device In Just 1 Minute Hacking a blackberry device is one of the easiest things someone can do. I wont say it’s weakness on the part of the BlackBerry company.
Just don’t know what to call it. As the title says,you’ll learn how to hack any blackberry phone in less than 45 seconds

Steps To Hack Password Protected Blackberry:

*.This post is not meant for people who will use it for mischievous purposes.

*.We will start with a Blackberry Phone like BB curve 2. This method works for all blackberry phones.

*.In case you forget your password and need to reset your phone or you just want to Hack your friends phone for fun,

*.just type wrong password #10 times and the phone will ask you if you want to reset then accept.

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*.The phone will restart and just like that, it’s hacked and now, you can do whatever you want to do!

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