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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Hello naijfame fans. This post will focus on how to root almost all tecno phones.

Root Tecno n7, n9, p9, m7, q1, d7, d1, s5, b3, d9, m5, f5, m9 (A3), Z(A7), s7, g9, h6, h3 A(f7), A+, A2(f8) , s3, h5, m3, p5, l3, f6, d3, d5, etc………….

You are to follow each steps associated with your own type of phone

ROOT Tecno P5, S3, S5, P9 (4.2), M7, D7 and M3 (4.2) Q1, N7, D1, D5, M5 (4.2),
1. Download Framaroot 1.6 to your device
2. Launch and Install Framaroot
3. Click on Install Supersu
4. Click on Boromir
5. You are rooted

ROOT Tecno F6, P6, H3, H6, L7, L6, P9(4.4), M6, P5 Plus (4.4), M3 (4.4), Phantom Z (A7), J7, Y6, Y3
1. Download Kingroot
2. Install the app on the phone
3. Ensure you have an internet connection on the phone then launch the app
4. Wait for all checks to be complete
5. Click the center button (with Root and some Chinese texts inscribed on it) to begin rooting
6. Wait for rooting to complete
7. You should see a green tick to confirm that rooting was successful

How to root Tecno R7, H5, H7
1. Download Framaroot 1.9 to your device
2. Launch and Install Framaroot
3. Click on Install Supersu
4. Click on Barahir
5. You are rooted

How to root Tecno M9 (A3) , F5
1. Download Vroot
2. Enable USB Debugging on the phone (Settings > Developer OR Settings > About > Keep clicking Build Number > Back to Settings > Developer)
2b. Install PdaNet on the PC with phone connected to PC via USB fellow instrution & install the driver
3. Install Vroot on the PC
4. Launch Vroot and ensure you have an internet connection
5. Ensure the phone is still connected to the PC
6. Wait for Vroot to detect the phone
7. Click the Root button to begin the rooting process
8. The phone will be rebooted once rooting is complete
9. Done

How to root Tecno N3 and P3
1. Download POOT
2. Go to settings on the phone > Application: check unknown source > tap preferred install location> select internal device storage > tap development > check USB debugging > Allow mock locations Internet access on the phone.
3. Now you are ready for the main rooting. To root your Tecno phone
4. Go to file explorer on your phone
5. Locate the poot application you downloaded above,
6. Click on it and install it to phone memory.
7. After installing open the installed poot application from your menu icon
8. It will request to download ministro services
9. Download and install Ministro II library from Google play store.
10. Now go back to open the poot application again
11. It will ask to update QT libraries, do that and your phone should restart automatically
12. If it doesn't, restart it yourself.
13. Now remove your memory card and boot the phone without a memory card.
14. Immediately the phone gets to home-screen quickly go tap on the poot application and tap on 'press here to poot'
15. After the above step your phone should shut down automatically (if it doesn't, restart your phone and repeat from step 5).
16. After the phone goes off, it should come back, but if it does not you have to remove the battery and put it back, then start it.
17. Now again quickly tap on the poot aplication immediately your phone gets to the home-screen
18. If every thing goes well then you should see an option to download super user and root checker
16. If not try the steps again till you see
this two options.
17. Now download and install the super user and
root checker from the link on poot.
18. Open up root checker and click verify to check
the status of your phone.
19. You should see 'congratulation your phone has root access'
20. If you get demon materialized while pooting, simply restart and keep trying.
21. If you're still having issues with poot then use Kingo Root

How to root Tecno D9, Phantom pad II (G9)
1. Download Root Master
2. Install it on the phone
3. Ensure you have an active internet connection then launch it
4. Click the Root button
5. Give it a few seconds and your phone should now be rooted

How to root tecno L3
To root your Tecno L3, you'll need:
1. A Computer and USB debugging enabled on your L3
2. A USB cable to connect the Tecno L3 to the computer
3. Download SHUAME
4. Internet connection
Follow these steps carefully.
- After the download of shuame on your PC, install it
- Connect your TECNO L3 and Launch SHUAME allow the shuame load the phone name and build etc. now click on what is circled in the picture below

Note: if you see the red alert on the -~# Root it simply means you have not been rooted and also that you can root the phone using the software. but if not either you have been rooted or you cant root
your device with the software.

After few minutes you should get this screen. After rooting you should have
Congrats, your L3 is rooted

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