SkinTrack Will Help You Turn Your Skin To A Touchscreen

So many people wouldn’t give buying smartwatches a consideration because of their relatively small screen sizes. Well guess what? A technology will help you turn your skin to a “touchscreen”, with which you can operate your smartwatches.

ScreenTrack is a technology that has been unveiled by a research team from The Future Interfaces Group to help you operate your smartwatches using your skin. Amazing, isn’t?

We have seen different technological innovations come out of the blues, but this has its uniqueness written all over it.

Though we have some similar gadgets with jaw-dropping features; a typical example is the NFC smart ring that notifies you when you receive messages, emails and calls.
But who would have thought making his skin a touchscreen was achievable?

How SkinTrack Helps Turn Your Skin Into A Touchscreen?

This tecnology simply makes use of the physics theory that proves our body has electrons in it.
To be able to achieve operating your smartwatches with your skin, you’ll have to wear a signal emitting ring and attach a sensing band to the smart watch.

These two items will connect with the electrons in your body in order to communicate with each other, in order to ensure that when you touch your skin, your smartphone’s screen will also get affected.

This tecnology will work with or without you having your clothes on (did I hear you say magic? This is pure technology, not magic. Lol).
We can only hope that this tecnology changes the mindset of people concerning the purchase of smartwatches.

SkinTrack has been fully integrated into smatchwatches and can be used by anybody. I wouldn’t mind buying this cool gadget, if you ask me.

I only doubt that there is any probability of this awesome technological innovation encouraging people, especially in a country like Nigeria to buy smartwatches.

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