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How to Minimize Internet Data Consumption on Android Devices | No Apps Required

Internet Data consumption is the first disease you may bump into when you first got your Android device, if you are in an area where free WiFi or internet data connectivity is always available you’re less concern with this disease but if you’re on limited mobile data usage (especially those of us that normally subscribe to 1GB, 2GB or 3GB internet data plan. I believe you’re really pissed to see your data subscription die out at early age without doing much more with it! (trust me, I know the feelings, without beating around the bush the reason you’re here is to know how to minimize internet data consumption and save your more data on your android devices, right? Lets go straight to the points then.

Limit Background Processes
Background processes are one of the major causes of data loss on Android devices, those games, those apps that you think or that doesn’t need to consume any internet data are probably consuming more than enough internet data you’ll ever think of and the only way to stop this is to limit the amount of background processes.

Background Process Limit

To do this head over to settings>developer options>scroll down under apps tab, then click on background process limit>then select your desired process limit.
Note: If you select At most 1 process, remember when the limit is reach, other background process will be disabled! Isn’t that what you wanted?

Disable Automatic Update AppsMuch data consumption also happens unnecessarily when certain Apps try to update themselves automatically behind your back, when you have no much data plan to update or when you’re reserving your data for another thing.

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Background Process Limit

To have total control of app updates; run over to playstore>tap the menu button>click on settings>unchecked auto-update apps>and check update over Wi-Fi only.

Restrict Background Data for Apps
Sometimes you may not even open any apps but still see your data burning off, guessed what? There are some apps that are running in the background, those apps love to check for updates or running their silly ads, they just love to eat up data, though the good purpose are there but who cares as long as they depleted those reserved data, even if you’ve limited the background process, there is still need to restrict some apps from running in the background, there are two way to do this.

Restrict background data for all apps and services: this will permanently restrict background data for all your apps and services unless you’re connected to a WiFi network this MEANS that all services or apps depending on background process to run will not work until you’re connected to a WiFi network, which I don’t consider as a good option here, but to do it anyway, got to settings>data usage>tab the menu button> and check “restrict background data”>press ok to confirm.

Restrict background data for certain apps: this will permanently restrict background data for some specific app, this means you select which apps which apps you find guilty of consuming much data and sentence them to restriction! Which I believe the better option than the first one, you look through the apps that use much background data which don’t need or use and restrict background data for such apps.

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To do just this: head over to settings>data usage>scroll down to select the app>click on it and mark restrict background data>press ok to confirm your selection. (Assuming you are using Ice Cream Sandwich or later versions of Android). Off Your Data When You Don’t Use It

How often do you turn off your data? Probably you always leave it on, to save much data consumption on your android device I recommend you to off your data when you are not using it. Or why do you need to turn it on always anyway? Much more data can be saved if you insensitive to turn off your data anytime you aren’t making use of it, to simply do this, drop down the notification menu>tap on “data connection” >select off> data!

Temporarily switch off sync
Unreasonably syncing data also consume some amount of data, prevent your android phone from unnecessarily syncing data by disabling syncing, either from the notification bar, or by going to Settings > Data Usage > Menu > uncheck “Auto-sync data.”
Change Browser’s Settings to save More Data
There are some changes you can make to your browser to save much more data consumption on your android devices, reduce image quality or cancel load images, change your browsing view to “fit to screen instead of “Desktop view”.
Use your common and uncommon sense to save many more data on your android devices
Okay at last it comes to where you use your own common senses perhaps and an uncommon one too, which condemn you to use your phone to download when you’re not in Wireless or 3G area, to large junk of stream videos, to open as many tabs as you like, to be unconscious with your data cap, to always share your data recklessly to everyone and anyone, to running heavy apps that consume much data, to watch videos, make video calls when you aren’t on free Wireless net.
And lastly to use your mobile data like tomorrow is the Christmas-data-bonus-offer!

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All the above tips and recommendation are risk-free, you don’t need to install any apps to get it done and besides in practice all these tips are working for me pretty well which I have no doubts you will also like to implement them and see how things worked-out with your data usage, if you have any questions regarding these tips, feel free to leave your comment and don’t forget to share this posts with your friends, save them from wasting their data subscription every day.


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