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How To Get A Better Battery Performance On Android Devices

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We will all agree that one of the things that make us enjoy our Android smartphones is their ability to stay up for a considerable period of time. However, having a smartphone with a bad battery life tends to cause an epic and indescribable headache.

As much as having a fast and responsive phone is important, having a good battery life is too. Having a longer battery life is directly proportional to enjoying our smartphones

So today, I will be giving tips that will enable you get a better and more optimized battery performance on your Android smartphone. Sit tight and enjoy ūüėÄ

How To Get A Better Battery Performance On Android Devices

  1. Reduce Screen Brightness:

 You may not know this, but the more brightened up your phone’s screen is, the more battery your phone is likely to use. You can either reduce the screen brightness when you are indoors, or set the brightness mode to “Auto”.

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   2. Turn Off Data When You Don’t Need It:

This is something most people are guilty of – leaving data connection on when not needed. You need to inculcate in yourself, the habit of putting your data connection off when you don’t really need it.

Apart from you saving the limited data plan you are subscribed to, you will end up having a longer battery usage time. There is nothing that zaps battery more than being connected to the internet. You seriously don’t need internet connection when you are sleeping, but most people want to be connected to the internet every time.

Turn it off when you don’t need it; save your dear smartphone’s battery. Lol

  3. Turn Off 3G Or 4G LTE When You’re Not Downloading:

Be sure to only turn on your 3G or 4G  mode when you need to download heavy files. If you have been noticing, your phone gets warm (some phones get hot) when you have your 4G LTE or 3G network mode on.

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Your phone tends to lose more battery when exposed to heat, and the 3G or 4G LTE network modes are professional heat generators.

Yes, you get a faster connection and download speed when you use the 3G or 4G mode, but have you considered the harm it does to your smartphone’s battery life? Think!

Additionally, you can do the following:

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi when you don’t need it on
  2. Turn of location service too

   4. Do Not Use Battery Saver Apps: 

This may not sound convincing enough, but most battery saver applications use the most substancial part of your device’s battery life.

They are always running in the background; some even get connected to the internet and download apps without your permission.

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Try uninstalling the ones you have and you will figure out you are better off without them.

You can also try the following tips listed below:

  • Update old apps (trust me, it helps)
  • Clear apps that are not being used from task manager
  • Delete unneeded apps.

Miscellaneous Fact: When you don’t want to receive any calls, putting your phone in “Airplane mode” or “Flight mode” helps do the magic, and it saves battery too, rather than putting your phone off”  There should be a big and noticeable improvement in your Android smartphone’s battery life, if you carry out the above instructions. cheers!

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