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Monday, July 18, 2016

How To Factory Reset Your Tecno Android Device Using Android System Recovery When Phone Won't Power On

Do you know how to flash your Tecno android phone to its factory mode? Even after you've tried too many pattern lock attempts or other security lock methods?

Sometimes when you forgot your phone lock password; or when some apps are preventing your android phone from booting up, even you may try to boot the android device to safe mode but still, it was ineffective; the whole phone might look useless and the only option you will eventually consider is to flash or reset the phone to factory setting, you’re asking how will you forget your screen lock password? Android phones come with different security methods to secure your device, there is face lock which will only use your face shape to lock and unlock your device, also there is pattern lock and pin lock, if pin lock is easy to use, its also easy to get! someone might just look at your hand behind your back and whoops…you’re conked out!

But I preferred the pattern lock method it’s hard to get and also hard to remember you can easily forget your pattern lock in a mysterious way. But since I will show you how to do system recovery and hard reset you shouldn’t bother yourself about spending extra cash to reset your phone.

What is android system recovery and why would you use it? 

Android system recovery contains methods for interacting with android system to install updates, backup and restore user data and also it is also used resetting your device to factory mode.
You can rely on android system recovery when:
  • Your when your android phone failed to boot.
  • When you forget your screen lock password
  • When your android device is slow due to cache increase consuming space
  • When some apps are causing damage to your phone
  • When you want your android phone to be born again.

How to do factory reset/hard reset in android system recovery 

When your phone won’t power up or when you forgot your screen lock password, let me quickly show you how to format and do hard reset on your android phone and return your device to new one.

Caution: factory reset will erase all data, installed apps, memo, to-do lists, connected accounts (including Google account), internal storage, etc. on your device and it will refer your phone back to when you buy it and the process is irreversible!

  1. Remove the battery on your android devices
  2. Put back the battery
  3. Press and hold the power button + volume up key
  4. When the tecno logo shows on the phone screen
  5. Keep pressing the volume down key until the  android system recovery logo shows up
  6. Now press the home button to bring out the system recovery menu
  7. Scroll down to locate “wipe data/factory reset” (use volume up and down to scroll, and use your menu key to select)
  8. Select wipe data/factory reset”
  9. Confirm the action selection and wait for few seconds for factory reset to complete, your phone will reboot to its factory mode when complete.

Other cool useful stuffs to do in android system recovery

  1. Install update  from cache, sd card or adb
  2. Backup and restore user data
  3. Wipe cache partition
The above is most useful when your phone wont boot up on when you forget your screen lock like I said earlier but when your phone can power on, you can easily do factory reset from your device settings.

just go to settings>factory data reset>check erase phone storage if  you want to delete data on phone storage>select  reset phone> you will need to enter your phone lock password if you are using one>confirm your action  by click erase everything.

All the above steps can be carried out on all android devices running on version 4.x, however device is lower than 4.0 you can comment here with your device name or android version and the steps will provided for you, also if you aren’t clear with any of those steps don’t hesitate to tell me, don’t forget to share this with your friends, we love shares, likes and comments.

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