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How to Easily Find Your Lost Android Device

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I am very sure that everyone can relate with the feelings that comes from losing their phones. During the reigning days of feature phones, finding a lost phone could be harder than getting a job in oil companies. But things quickly changed and Google made life easy by releasing the Android OS, which sent feature phones into oblivion.

Our Android smartphones have become one important part of our everyday life that can’t be done without, as it contains 80% of our private life. We can’t always be 100% careful  with our smartphones, and sometimes, due to a reason or the other, we tend to lose our phones. I have been down that road before and I won’t pretend that I had a good experience.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to say goodbye to every device you probably forgot in a public transport or a restaurant, because you will be learning a surefire way to find your android device today.

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How To Find Your Lost Android Phone: 

Immediately you notice you can’t find your phone, quickly open the Google Chrome Browser on a computer. Connect to the internet and follow the steps below.

Note: To make this work for you, ensure that you login to the google account you have logged in to in the phone on the computer you will be using.

1. In your browser’s search bar, search for the phrase: “where is my phone“. Google will load the Android device manager application on the next screen you’ll, showing you your phone’s name, just like in the screenshot below:       

2. You can either click on “Allow”, just like in the above screenshot, or the Android Device Manager link below the mini map that has the “Allow” button on it. This will load up the Android Device Manager Interface, and you are a few steps away to finding your phone.

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3. On that screenshot above, you will find options like “Ring“, “Lock” and “Erase“. But since we want to track the lost device, we will have to click on the “Locate device” icon ( it is the icon beside the pencil icon). Google will automatically track your device for you and point out the location with a circle. sceenshot below:


Hurrah! you now know where your phone is, and you can track it. But just in case you feel the tracking the phone won’t be easy and convenient for you, you can choose to lock it with the “Lock” command, or destroy every datum the phone carries by using the “Wipe”command.

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Should you face any problem trying to carry out these whole processes, be sure to use the comment box

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