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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How To Earn Money From Your Wapka Sites

make money wapka

Online money making is always fun for me and all other peoples who are using wapka. If you are new to wapka then you must have to know how to make money using wapka site.

When I started using wapka, I don't have any idea that, can I make money using wapka and all that. Slowly after reading posts in wapka forums it was clear that peoples are making dollars from wapka. So I also started to search how to display ads in site. Finally in 2-3 days I got my solution and I started showing advertisements on my wapka site.

 Now I'm going to tell all new wapka users how they can make money from wapka without investing a single dollar. So this guide for you.

How To Earn Money From Wapka

In order to make money you must have more daily visitors. Maximum visitors maximum income, this is the formula to earn from wapka. Normally if you have daily 1000 pageviews ( check - visitors counter for wapka) it's ok to make 3-4 dollars a day.

How To Get Ads For Wapka

You can get the ads from sites listed in Adv section in wapka. But I personally recommends you to go with Adiquity is one of the most high paying service now available. It's use by many peoples so you can trust them. You can check our how to show adiquity ads in wapka tutorial.

 After showing ads on your site, when  user will click on that ads you will get paid certain amount. Don't click on your own ads otherwise you will get banned.

 After reaching on payout amount (I don't remember now :p) you can take that money in your bank or any other option available there. You can display ads in autocontent for max result. Also you can block wapka buttom ads and add your own to get more out of it.

I'm sure that you will able to make money from wapka soon. It may take 1-2 month to earn first single dollar but work harder and you will enjoy steady income soon.

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