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How To Boot Tecno L3 & Other Android Devices To Safe Mode

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There is nothing more to know how you can do lots of things on your device, today we will teach you how to Boot your Tecno L3 Phone into Safe Mode!

Android is one of the most popular Mobile operating system today, in fact many phone manufacturers can’t wait to have Android OS on their products because it is open source with easy customization and lots of apps only words can’t express how we love it.

As much as there many apps as you want; to take care of anything you wished to do on your android device, there are still few freaking apps on Google play store or its alternatives and most of these apps might have had a bad impact on the performance and battery-life of your android device, which you may not easily find a way out of the mess.

With no doubts you will come across apps that will screw your phone up and get your phone into freeze mode that you may have no choice than to do factory reset, but wait before you do that…there is safe mode to save your ass out of those silly apps.


What is Safe Mode and Why Should I boot into Safe Mode

Are you using Windows? Then probably you should be familiar with save mode, it simply let you boot your device up without any installed app. No good apps no bad apps! Save Mode is most usable to drive out some messed up apps in your device especially apps that are responsible for crashing and fast battery drain or any sorts of problems created by stupid apps.

Save Mode not only lets you check if your device problem is caused by third party apps, during save mode you need to check your phone speeds! Since there is no app installed, your device will have enough memory to run system based processes…and this time with fast speed.

How Do I Enable Safe Mode on My Tecno L3

Though many devices come with different method to boot into safe mode, but since Tecno L3 is a Jelly Been Android Devices, follow these steps to boot your device into safe mode.

  • Hold the power button
  • From Power off/Reboot options
  • Long press the “Power Off”  that appear
  • Click Ok to confirm your choice

Note: your phone will off and then reboot to safe mode.


Other Options to Boot ANY Android Devices into Save Mode

If you’re operating on android version lesser than 4.0, like gingerbread and others, then the following methods should let you boot your device into safe mode.

Method 1

  • First off your device by holding down the power button
  • Wait till your phone shut down, on it again
  • Then press and old down the volume up key till your phone boot to safe mode

Method 2.

  • off your device by holding down the power button
  • Wait till your phone shut down, on it again
  • Press and hold down the volume down button till your phone boot to safe mode

Method 3

  • off your device by holding down the power button
  • Wait till your phone shut down, on it again
  • Press and hold down the volume up + volume down button at the same time till your device boot to safe mode.

Note: When your device is in Safe mode, you will know this by watermarked “Safe Mode” which will be displayed at the bottom of your device screen, (as shown in the picture above).

You can keep trying any of the above methods till you find the one that will really works for you. There is no harm in trying any of the above methods since your phone will only boot to normal mode instead of safe mode, if it doesn’t work!

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