How to Convert Java Files to APK files!

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Applications which have the .jar file extension are written in J2ME and are compiled as java applications. However, android has gained place in the market of mobile phone today and has got almost everyone switching, but what about your java apps and games.

Some of us that love some of the java applications and games when using java wouldn’t want to leave them behind when switching over to android.

Don’t worry, this is a nice way of converting java applications .jar to android apps .apk.

Follow the below steps one after the other
1. Launch your browser, UC Browser or Chrome prefferably.

 2. Visit Netmite Here.

 3. Upload your java application or input the url to the file.

4. Click on Get Apk. The android application .Apk file will be available for you to download. Then simply download it and Install it on your Device, Thats all.

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 I hope with this tutorial, you have learnt how to change a .jar file to .apk easily in few steps.

Tell us if you experienced any difficulties or technical problems, and we’ll see how we could be of help.


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