Google’s Creates Androidify app Which Enables You To Create Android Avatars

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Google’s Androidify app lets you create your very own bot avatar.
It is a very popular application released in 2011 but not frequently used application because we are all probably busy with other photo editors.

 So today, there is a change in plan…lol. Switch to Adroidify if you truly love Android, maybe you should check the features yourself.

Androidify yourself!

Google’s Androidify Allows you to:
Create, accessorize and share Android characters that look like you, your best friend, your Uncle Sal—anyone, really.
Create and share your animated Android characters as emoticons, animated GIFs and pictures over texts, posts or chats.

Be sure to submit your creations online, where you can share to the Gallery to hang with Android characters from around the world.

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You may Download this from playstore by following below link


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