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Brute Force Facebook Password with Phyton – Kali Linux!!!!!!

Geeks have been rocking this since 1902. Well not bad that you are just knowing this today, I should have posted this earlier….apologies
So you all want to learn how to hack facebook without phishing ?
Then Get your Kali Linux ready…

1. Python Script –
2. Wordlist – e.g. pass.txt or wordlist.txt

Now the is ready, compile it and follow the instruction.

In my own case I want to hack and my password list is located at /root/nng.txt

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Note: – This tool can crack facebook account even if you don’t have the email of your victim

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# Hit CTRL+C to quit the program
# Use for more infos about your victim ^_^
# Enter |Email| |Phone number| |Profile ID number| |Username| :
Enter the name of the password list file : nng.txt
+====================== =================+
|……….Facebook Cracker v 2………|
+————————————— +
|#Author: Mauritania Attacker |
| |
|#This tool is made for pentesting. |
|#Changing the Description of this tool |
|Won’t made you the coder ^_^ !!! |
|#Respect Coderz ^_^ |
|#I take no responsibilities for the |
| use of this program ! |
+====================== =================+
|……….Facebook Cracker v 2………|
+————————————— +
[*] Account to crack : airmodish@
[*] Loaded : 61 passwords
[*] Cracking, please wait …
[*] trying bobody…
[*] Password found .. !!
[*] Password : +++++++++

Please note that the wordlist file is the backbone of this hacking method, if your wordlist file gone wrong, forget about getting the account.

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stay updated, I will upload some password lists.

please share and comment, don’t forget that hacking is illegal, use for educational purpose only!


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